All the Moments a Man Followed Me Around in Marrakesh

The first time was the day after I landed in Morocco. I’m traveling with a Remote Year, a remote work and travel program, and a week before they gave us a presentation about Marrakesh. Being the good student I am, I listened hard and I thought I knew what to expect. “Their customs and cultural norms are going to be different than what I’m used to,” I reminded myself that early and often.  

I had landed the night before after traveling across Europe for four months prior, so when I parted the curtains in my bedroom on that first morning in the city, my eyes widened in delightful surprise. Gorgeous clay buildings dotted the perfect blue sky. Orange and palm trees lined every sidewalk. Horse-drawn carriages battled with motorbikes and luxury vehicles down wide four-lane roads. It was noisy and chaotic and beautiful. Sunshine was abundant and temperatures were in the 70s. But I knew to chill on my tank top game. (Good student, remember?) Instead, I threw on a long sleeve navy blue t-shirt, blue skinny jeans without any rips or tears, and my fake black Timbs (#ballinonabudget). I was ready.

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Image: Barbara Cameron Pix

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