You are here to be a light

You are here to be a light. The tricky thing is, light can be subjective.

Light is by definition a function of how much shade you've been exposed to. For someone used to living in complete darkness, the dimmest light can be blinding, disorienting, maybe even scary. Meanwhile someone surrounded by light recognizes it in someone else as something familiar and comfortable.

My struggle has been to modulate my light. To meet people at their current vision, not the 20/20 I wish they had. My default is to blast at 1000 kilowatts, pure undiluted joy and honesty and confidence and vulnerability and enthusiasm and talent.

I always thought that more light could never be a bad thing. Now I'm beginning to think differently.

In the past, when people reacted negatively to my light I assumed it was a problem with them. For whatever sad reason, they couldn't appreciate my light and reciprocate it with some rays of their own. But now I understand that it is the entirety of someone's life experience that informs their capacity to receive light and give it back.

The blessing lies with me that I even process light how I do.

That my heart can get as full as it does.

That I can receive wave after wave of love and return a surf just as powerful.

But not everyone knows how to swim. Not everyone has even seen the ocean. A bright light after living in complete darkness is just a pain that burns the eyes.

So no, don't permanently dim your light just so that others can live comfortably. But consider ramping it up slowly, if your true goal is not to have them turn away and shield their eyes. Then you'll have the chance to genuinely illuminate their life.

And that is your job after all.

Chimdi IhezieComment