Wait, you can learn anything you want?

The process of video production has been trial and error for me. My earliest memories with the art are of getting my grubby paws on a piece of equipment (from a full sized camcorder all the way to PhotoBooth on my 2008 white MacBook) and pressing all the buttons until I figured out how it worked. And that was a winning formula for awhile.

Then I started creating projects that required a deadline. This is when I realized I actually needed to know what I was doing.

First, friends came to the rescue. I leveraged their tolerance of me for free lessons in all manners of skills (I'm still actively working with friends to learn how to tread water) and once I knew the basics, I was off.

But I'm at the point where I realize I need to change my approach. I've always hesitated to invest in myself when money was involved. Now I recognize that beyond money, time is what you can never get back. I've been so busy IN the work, that I stopped thinking ABOUT the work, and critically -- how I can do it better.

This really hit me when making the switch from iMovie to Adobe Premiere Pro. I was all set to queue up some YouTube videos and teach myself as I'd done in the past. And at first things were alright! I was doing it. Slowly, sure, but making progress. "It's just another editing software," I told myself. "I got this."

And then after working for what felt like 90 minutes straight I pressed the wrong key and all of my work was undone.

I cratered.

After frantically trying to recover my work and realizing it was FUTILE because I DIDN'T KNOW WHAT I WAS DOING ARGHHJKVFUXVTSSBHOUHFEHJIGFDVJJX

I stormed away from my laptop, frustrated and discouraged, and didn't open up Adobe for three days.

Eventually I trudged back to my computer and pulled up YouTube. 20 minutes into a tutorial from 5 years ago covering a topic only tangentially related to the editing skills I was looking for did it dawn on me.

I needed help.

And what I realized is that help is out there. There are people who have created courses you can watch FOR FREE. On everything from cutting veggies right to online marketing. All you have to do is be ready to look for help.

It took an embarrassingly long amount of time for me to realize this but now that I know it, I'm not going back to fumbling in ignorance. Knowledge, I'm coming for you.

Everyone has that thing that they really should just ask for help on. What’s yours?

Chimdi Ihezie2 Comments