Practice makes practice makes practice makes perfect

I was talking to a friend about art, as I often do, and the topic was inspiration. Specifically, it was the idea some artists have that they should wait around until they are inspired before creating. I know I have been guilty of this. I've let distractions keep me from focusing on the work I want to create. Distracted from the life I want to design. Distracted from the impact I want to make. All because of the misconception that at some point I will be moved to do the hard work by some elusive spark. 

It's easy to fall into this trap because inspiration IS real. You do get that brilliant idea in the shower or when walking down the street or when talking to other artists. The problem is that life demands consistency. And inspiration is rarely reliable.

My friend shared some wisdom she herself came across. That creativity is not a talent that some of us have and others don't. In fact, it is a skill, a practice that (like all things) can be honed and sharpened and cultivated so that it can be called to action whenever necessary. 

How do you do it? The key to being able to create whenever it is called for is to create processes for yourself that encourage regular practice. You set aside time in your day, your week, your commute, maybe when you first get out of bed. And you dedicate this time to honing your craft and sharpening your skills. 

You treat art not as your hobby, but as your habit. And then you practice, practice, practice and practice some more. I won't guarantee that you'll be perfect. But I think you'll come close.

Chimdi IhezieComment