Random Acts of Flyness reminded me of my greatness

The reviews of Random Acts of Flyness took their time making their way to me. When they finally did they were glowing. Revolutionary was the general sentiment. But not one for hype, I went into the first episode with measured expectations. 


To say the HBO show blew my mind is an understatement. The second episode in particular, which took a woman's point of view and examined toxic masculinity, was a revelation. The show is hilarious but beyond the humor, what I really appreciate about the show is how it reminds me of who I am. Specifically, it reminds me of the unique voice I have been gifted as a result of my lived experience.

Creative folks know it gets very tempting when chasing success to trend towards the middle. To create content that will appeal to the most number of people, that will convert the most number of viewers into subscribers. 

And that often means sanitizing yourself. Erasing the weird, off-putting parts of yourself that you're worried will scare people away. The scars that you think are embarrassing, the thoughts that you find shameful. 

HBO made me rethink that. The world is worse off for not having those parts of you—of me—to witness. Random Acts of Flyness reminded me that all the strange bits are actually the fly bits. And being vulnerable enough to be real is actually what connects you with an audience.

So thank you HBO for putting your money in black hands. Thank you for letting the creative vision of black minds be realized. Thank you for giving black artists like me the opportunity to see myself reflected in all my weirdness and in all my flyness.

Thank you for letting us our tell stories.

For us.

By us.

About us.

To us.

And thank you Terence Nance for being brave enough to be fly.

Chimdi IhezieComment