You have to make one

I can't imagine what it was like for those first few subscribers to click on my Youtube channel when I first started it in January of 2017. They watched one video, liked what they saw, and decided they cared enough to subscribe--with nothing else on my page.

Without knowing me at all.

Without any other example that I could create meaningful content.

I always knew I would have those examples. I knew instead of just one video, the next person would click over and see a whole row. Then the next person would click and see a whole page. Then the next person would scroll on the page and it would KEEP GOING.

But in order to get to that place, the one where you have a whole body of work and literally years of evidence of your creativity, passion, and skills, you have to that first video.

You have to decide your voice is worth hearing and press record.

You have to pore over the footage and painstakingly assemble it.

You have to accept it's not perfect and upload it anyway.

Then you have to start over and make another. And another.

Then you have to research a new software, take a class, join a group of your peers, continue to learn and make another.

It's only this slow, deliberate, consistent drip of effort that allows you to create what will become a library that is floor to ceiling with tomes documenting your talent and tenacity.

Sometimes I get down because I work incredibly hard on a piece, release it, and 20 people watch. Is my voice worth hearing after all?

"Patience," a friend cautioned me when I expressed this frustration.

It takes time. You'll get there one day.

But first, you have to make one.

Chimdi IhezieComment