Signed in Paris, but lowkey mad

I don't think of myself as an angry person. But this is in the context of Washington, D.C., where our politics are poisonous and the well-meaning liberals who want to change the world are gentrifying the city block by block. I consider myself one of those "go with the flow types", generally believing that everything will work out and that when life acts up all you can do is control how you respond.

But I had never really traveled internationally before this summer. The idea of back packing through Europe seemed like something white people did. But travel broadens the mind and I knew my worldview was crippled by my lack of exposure to the rest of the world.

Listen, I was pretty open-minded when I landed. But then I would walk into SO MANY PLACES without a touch of melanin. It felt especially noticeable in restaurants, though I guess I should be happy I got to walk in through the front door.

We know why there are no Black people here, I would fume to myself as my thoughts jumped from colonialism to mass incarceration and I angrily munched on bread.

We already know that to be conscious as a black person means to be constantly furious. Before this trip I wondered if I was doomed to this point of view or maybe I could opt-out.

But the reality is that Europe is literally where it STARTED.

All of the nonsense.

This is where our oppressors come from! They built their wealth on our backs and the repercussions of their systematic torture of black and brown bodies ripple out to this day. It is INFURIATING.

And walking around like a tourist felt like visiting massa's house for a field trip.


But the bread was really good, I guess.


In Paris, but lowkey mad

Chimdi IhezieComment